the campaign


We're incredibly excited to announce that our Kickstarter campaign was completed successfully on May 10th! Thank you all so very much for your support!

And now, for background:

Financing a short film is never easy and at the time remained the largest challenge for us to overcome before production could take place. Over the course of the previous eight months we had honed the script through several readings and innumerable drafts, found our location, cast our Freddy, scouted equipment rental houses, put together our equipment kit, filled out our crew, compiled visual references, and shotlisted the entire film. Now that we have the money, here's where it will go:

23%: Crew costs. You need a crew, and the good ones need to be paid.

15%: 16mm film stock and processing. Although digital capture works well for some projects, Magnetic Deviation, which relies heavily on subtext, grey areas, and the organic nature of relationships, screams for 16mm. We'll be shooting Kodak film and processing at Cinelab in Massachusetts.

14%: Kickstarter rewards and fees.

13%: Equipment rental. Handheld Films, a rental house in New York, has given us a fantastic deal on all our gear: our camera, lenses, lights, a dolly, and everything else we'll need.

10%: Location fees and rental costs.

8%: Set dressings and props.

8%: Production insurance. Just in case.

5%: Food. We'll be shooting 12-hour days on set and everyone will need to be well fed, awake, and ready to create.

4%: Truck rental and insurance. We'll need a truck to get our equipment to and from the set.


Thank you all again!